today might have been the toughest day in the history of my A level experience, having preceded my last, weakest (statistically, at least) and least-prepared-for paper and followed my birthday, which wasn’t very excited but still managed to get me in an extremely festive mood. I’m still incredibly unprepared but there’s nothing much more I can do but to resort to everyone’s Plan C: “Wing It”. an encouraging Bible verse has been staring at me the whole day from the top of my book shelf, where I put it this morning – Philippians 4:13 in pink highlighter. it’s gay, but it works. or at least i think it does; i can’t really tell the difference between spiritual comfort and secular resignation.

but before I explode with anticipation (sorry for being inordinately bubbly on a public domain!):

  • get some writing done. for the first time in like 18 months. i am feeling extremely buoyant and will even attempt prose (you’d have to go back three years for my last pieces. which sucked and explains the three-year hiatus)
  • read backlog (rushdie (!!!!!!) &c.) and then some. kino binge, anyone?
  • meet random people I haven’t met in really long just to make sure I still have friends. it’s like waking up every morning and making sure you can feel your toes
  • watch harry potter 7a!!!!! YES! this happens tomorrow!!!
  • eat and grow fat!
  • modern family; how i met your mother; amazing race; house; glee etc.
  • do running and other physical activities. (i realise only people who never do physical activities unceremoniously lump them together as ‘physical activities’)
  • bake? do i still know how to do that shit?
  • learn to cook
  • get a bike (maybe). this doesn’t go under “physical activities” because i actually like biking
  • get a job to fund all aforesaid decadence

I’m honestly not sure how my As will turn out – is anyone ever? but until march blissful innocence is the strategy of choice. anyhow, everyone should make a joy and rainbows list, it’s extremely healthy.

12 hours 13 minutes more :D



  1. Why is your list not numbered! >:( Now I have to count..

    Can I be a random person for number 3? :P

    Aaaand let’s do 8, 9, and 11 together :D

  2. Hahaha you can take the humans subjects, I take the sciences! Math can split, my stats sucks so you can teach that ;P

    Oh mine’s 5th May, so I got lots of time to go earn some money :D

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