they come not single spies but in battalions D:

okay, i really like the “it gets better” campaign for gays; you can’t do something like that without coming across as extremely heartfelt, just as you can’t be skeptical about it without being a douche. but they should totally have that for socially awkward teens as well. or can i take its non-existence as a sign that it does not, in fact, get better? sigh, for once i just wish that people would take me not as someone who didn’t give a shit, but as someone who gave too much

(and oh man talking about that i had a tummyache during the Lit paper today, enough to warrant the dreaded double-trip-to-toilet. i’d like to think that was the main reason why i kinda screwed up John Donne, but the other essays were satisfactory! for slightly over one day’s worth of studying i couldn’t have asked for any more)

hongkong tomorrow! rabid fans will have to wait till the first of december, thereafter i’ll try my best to double up on blogging!


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