Pillowman was awesome. I read the synopsis/spoiler yesterday on Wikipedia, I saw what was coming at the end of the first act, but I was still chilled to the bone. My laughter was so painful, after bits of the plot started falling into place and making sense. The script was so tight, and here you see I’m trying to praise it with as many generic adjectives as I can without giving anything away, but honestly. Dark humour at its best, though I don’t think I’d want to watch many more. It’s a string of fantasies, but in that three hours everything was real, surreal, real, surreal, actors, people, actors, people and flicking in and out of perspective and I struggled to make sense of the play but ended up living it instead.


At the ensuing Q and A session:

Random ACS guy: May I ask the retard guy a question? *points at the lead Caucasian character who WASN’T the said retarded guy, who was Corbidge*
Cast: Uh, that’s Corbidge. *points to Corbidge*
RAG: Oh sorry, you all look the same.

RAG proceeded to ask questions like “Hello, to train for the role of the retard guy, did you have to go to the mental institutes?” and “How come while the retards I’ve seen all speak like ‘ngjhnggnfjsgfh’ but your character can speak proper English?”

RAG, I hope you’re reading my blog, because there IS such a thing as a stupid question, and while it isn’t always possible to be politically correct, the least you can do is not be politically STUPID. I think the cast was actually quite irritated at him. I hope they didn’t think he was from RI, because, honestly, we don’t need any more bad publicity as it is.


55 thoughts on “I’M WITH STUPID –>

  1. HAHA did you know the angmoh lady acting as the mother said “cheap shot” and rolled her eyes, looking pissed at what he said about all angmohs looking the same.

  2. eh fuck u lah u tink u ri good ah. At least my friend knows how 2 joke rite, not like some stupidly serious ri people. Only noe how 2 MUG. So stupid ask all the chim chim questions want 2 act smart ah? u suck man, anyhow flame people.

  3. woah ri people actually noe how 2 joke ah? i c ur posts all act pro act pro 1. i tot ur can only mug n try 2 act pro. nid 2 look pro 2 have good publicity rite. At least we jus act naturally n have fun.

  4. I know! RI boys are totally unwitty and uncharming, unlike the ACSI boys. I mean, we could try hard, but we could never think of how to insult two different groups of people in a single conversation. I mean, how do you guys do it!

    Thanks for the hits; keep them coming =) Tell your friends about this wondrous ACSI-bashing website! We don’t bite.

  5. he was just joking rite dumbass, u really think that the actors so easily offended? screw u man act so smart like noe everything like that. all the ri people n rgs people all so ugly, stuck-up, mugger shits. somemore ask qns oso must act like so goody goody n put in fake mannerisms. u in the wrong den still act like acsi like damn stupid damn lousy like that. at least apologise or something rite, just anyhow bash people…

  6. You know, my original post was only about that one ACSI guy? Please don’t tell me the whole school is filled with people like you and him. I had such a good impression of those nice and sweet ACSI guys in tight blue shorts.

    But the best is yet to be! Perhaps ten years down the road their students will finally learn how to spell as well as they SPEAK.

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  8. im sure i spelled anything wrongly, dunno anything den dun randomly accuse people la. i bet ur some small, act pro act cute shit that cant even do anything except mug lah. n thx 4 the compliment on how well we speak.

  9. Yeah, like I said, you guys speak really well. Just the other day my English teacher was talking about how ASCI boys were much more charming than us. You guys would be the ones that snatch the girls, etc etc.

    I just hope your girlfriends aren’t Caucasian or mentally retarded though. You may have communication problems.

  10. at least we can get girls rite…haha self-jack. maybe u can hang out wif ur own mugger rgs girls. its alright 2 envy us

  11. Haha, I’m glad I didn’t go to ACSI, what kind of delinquent I’ll turn out to be.

    (and no, I’m not from RI either.)

  12. Someone who could get girls wouldn’t exactly be commenting on some insignificant blog, hoping that someone notices.

    …unless your girlfriend was mentally retarded. Ah. Does she talk like “dgjhfdsgjfhdgfd” or in normal English, like Corbidge does?

    You seem really bored. Are the chatbots offline tonight?

  13. They’re not imaginary! They live on the Internet! And in his heart!

    He hasn’t replied in ten minutes. SmarterChild must have logged on! (haha, “SmarterChild”, how ironic)

  14. screw u luminodrake this is between ri n acsi so get out of the fight. this is between that idiot called mooty n me. n wad kind of name is mooty? damn act cute man, u tink u some teletubby isit. loser

  15. Wha, we’re fighting?

    And, yeah, good point, ACSI ROX. I should have a more creative name, and something that doesn’t reveal my sheer bigotry. How about Bob? Would that be too cute for your liking?

  16. aiya act cute den jus admit la come on man. lets jus end this convo on the note that acsi rox while ri does not ok. dont give me some more act pro shit stuff can. theres a limit 2 how much ri crap 1 can endure. i tink i did quite well already

  17. [SARCASM]Mm, ACSI rox, RI doesn’t. Who ever said they didn’t?

    As you can see I’m getting tired at this flame war / “fight” / whatever you want to call it, because you guys are too aboveboard to get any form of sarcasm (which is why I need to put up the SARCASM tags, to guide you along). You’re handsome, you have a life, you don’t talk to chatbots, you have a perfectly intelligent girlfriend, happy?[/SARCASM]

    Sheesh, now you can go print this conversation up and paste it on your pillow or something.

  18. Thanks for staying up to have a chat, I think I’ll sleep soon. Don’t worry, this blog is STILL a nice ACSI-bashing haven. Bring your little chatbot friends here and have a good laugh once in a while!

  19. There is such a thing as a stupid question, and the fact of the matter is that that boy that night asked one. The fact that mooty pointed it out is no reason to create a huge conflict. Just because RI and ACS are traditionally rivals does not mean you have to go to every Rafflesian’s blog and proclaim that RI SUX BALLZ in your chatroom lingo.

    If you’re going to compare RI and ACS like that, there’s no way to reach a conclusion based on the sheer force of your biased, misdirected, self-righteous internet anger. Surely you don’t believe that “i tink i did quite well already” simply because you threw insults in his face all night. “loser” “act pro” “damn act cute” “stupidly serious” “only noe how 2 mug” and so on. Assertions based on nothing.

    And how can you call RI & RGS “ugly, stuck-up, mugger shits”? You met any of us? Perhaps we ought to show you some handsome/beautiful, humble, all-rounders. Because they’re not that hard to find in RI/RGS.

    I’d also like to comment on the whole “we can get girls you cannot” thing. If I was a girl and I saw this here comments page, I’d definitely go and become a nun or something, seeing as the handsome, charming ACS boys behave like this.

    Oh and thanks for the tip, mooty, I’ll go post up some incendiary anti-ACS comments on my blog so I can get hits too! :D

  20. Thanks for the post Nigel. I was too busy trying to stoop to his level that I didn’t bother confusing him with *legasp* a COHERENT argument. I don’t think they teach it much over there.

  21. They teach stuff over there?

    Haha, a “fight” between ACSI and RI. How epic and heroic, especially when one is armed with substandard sentences and arguments.

    I bet he cries himself to sleep at night.

  22. Hi ASCI ROX,

    If you happened to be there on Tuesday, you’ld find, I believe, that the question asked wasn’t even phrased properly. The manner of which he put forth the question, and the content of the question itself, was inappropriate for the cast who’d worked their socks off for the play.

    It doesn’t matter which school he is from really, because mooty was talking about the boy and not directly criticizing your dear school.

    So please get your facts right before starting off a pointless argument which you will try to win by sheer force of stupidity and dumbass logic.

    (In case you didn’t bother read all of that, then here’s something else: He’s talking about the boy, and he’s acting if he’d every right to be there asking stupid questions!)

  23. moot. go um scroll and read the things he typed. Then read yours.

    i’m really shocked lol.

    do they REALLY talk like that?

    oh and um, were those insults meant to be painful? i think beng could do better on a bad cough day. =/

  24. Lollipop!!!!!

    i don’t believe what’s happening over here!

    ACSI ROXS, i think you shuld stop cuz i’m getting the feeling that u’re self-jacking!

  25. Hi matthew! I’m here to be random. Hopefully I break the momentum this argument is gaining and make everyone feel really ‘anticlimaxed’ (not actually a word I think). Yay! And thank Shou Jian for all your hits. I wish you guys would stop engaging in intellectual terms. It kinda gets boring. Not that I’m stopping either of you. I’m just an outsider :). Bye Bye! ROFL

  26. From ACSI or not, it was entertaining though. The only sad part is that if he’s not really from ACSI, he’s not going to suffer any mind-breaking.

  27. wow dude. we’re not even attacking the fact that the guy’s from ACS(I).
    even if the guy was from RI, we would have flamed him nonetheless.
    so stop being so defensive.

    and u’re probably thinking any ACS(I) guy reading this would be immensely proud of what u’re doing, standing up for your school and all right?

    well, think again.

  28. All my life I try to act stupid to get the hits and comments, but then some ACSI guy comes to my blog and does it, and the hits/comments start rolling in.

    ACSI ROX indeed. I mean, write “ACSI sux!” on a wall and the whole school’ll be fighting with it all day long.

  29. you know, that pseudo-or-not acsi guy’s argument is non-existent. so i’m amazed at the manner his supposedly argument went, which consists of fuck, mug, stupid serious ri people, act smart, suck, flame people, and the likes. haha mooty much as i think u’re a bastard, i marvel the way you kept this pseudo-argument going =)

  30. “woah ri people actually noe how 2 joke ah? i c ur posts all act pro act pro 1. i tot ur can only mug n try 2 act pro. nid 2 look pro 2 have good publicity rite. At least we jus act naturally n have fun.”

    Ok I picked up on an earlier statement by the ACSI rox dude only because I was too lazy to read the entire thread. It gets really unwieldy towards the end.

    Firstly, why is he fighting his so-called war on a RI person’s blog? That’s odd. It’s an impossible fight.

    Secondly, his English sure is contrived. Which pseudo artist would type like that?

    Thirdly, this whole thread sure makes for great tabloid fodder. I definitely want to spread this around RJC! Heh.

    In any case, I’ve a feeling acsi dude isn’t an acsi dude. Someone must be behind this. Shou Jian, own up. Now.

    Walter Wong
    Raffles Junior College Class of 2008

  31. eh all you acs noobs i think ri really ownzors acsi.

    wahahaha. i have no girlfriends but i have a computers1!!!!111

  32. LOL!! ok i came here in the midst of reading pride and prejudice (yep i’m lagging) thinking that it contained the sole residences of the living bitches of hell.. but i think this comments board did SO much better!!! AHAHAHAHA!!

    And apparently retards don’t go “dgjhfdsgjfhdgfd”, they go “at least we can get girls rite…haha self-jack.”

    maybe some people lack the memory chip they use to sense SARCASM. or do they just lack the RAM to store the meaning of that word -.-

    lol i’m seriously bored and making no sense here :)

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  34. u sure nt ACSI Rox i am from acsI and i m hating every single day there.its nt as great as it seems from outside.and why the hell u defending the school so valiantly, win or lose this argument not gona change your life in anyway and if ACSI finds out they are not going to praise you instead their going to screw you for vulgar language…..lol i know i a bit lag

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