beware: burning bush

And I’ve finally decided to do filing, because I have been smitten by the Great Sword of Enlightenment. Nothing satisfies me more than never-to-be-completed to-do lists! It’s the pursuit of knowledge that matters! Et cetera. My filing is going extremely depressingly, because a few of my Lit worksheets are kinda crumpled at either end, and the rest don’t have dates on them.


…once again, I don’t see why I’m not getting the sympathy I deserve.

I’m also getting new ideas for comic strips daily – you may notice I’ve been unwittingly using a little bit of comic strip humour in my posts. I’ve been throwing around these two characters in my head: Gerald and Grottle. Gerald is the nice but too philosophical for his own good; thus, he always ends up worse off than before, and much sadder for his efforts. Grottle shares his house and is darkly cynical when he’s not being downright mean or stupid. Tried and tested formula – good vs bad. Gerald could be a mouthpiece of sorts for my own thoughts, while Grottle provides the entertainment with his various evil (but inherently dumb) exploits.

Now I just have to draw some of the draft strips out, see how they look like on paper, edit them and ink them. I make it sound so easy, but if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that you don’t exactly need talent to make it big.

I mean, why do you think George Bush has lasted thus far?


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