groot expectations

I’m quite bad at cataloguing memories – belatedly realised yesterday on the train from Rotterdam to Bruges that I was going to forget everything if I didn’t start noting things down, so spent the larger part of a ride listing things, days, places. It’s no good, really, my memory’s leaky, museums and bridges and pancake-houses are already starting to blur into each other in an undifferentiated hazy notion of fun. For example, Day Two reads something like this:


pancakes 1
s club 7 climbing logs in vain. slides
Spider-Man guy climbing
Anne frank museum
feeling feverish
red light district

Which is not to say that the trip has not been anything but amazing, but that the beauty isn’t found in the events – eg seeing Rembrandt’s Night Watch at the Rijks (scuttling around trying to imbibe as much Rembrandt and Vermeer as one can plausibly do in 90 minutes, to make the most of the 15 euros), taking river cruises and attending serendipitous harp concerts by a man in Bruges blessed with magic with his fingers – but mainly in the intervening moments I steal for myself, walking a little behind, beholding the nightsky with subdued reverence, feeling the cool Dutch air square in my face, wondering guiltily if there exists a universe where I live in Rotterdam (etc), nothing left to do but recline with a good book and a coffee at the cafe overlooking the river, or explore every nook of town at leisure (and somehow not losing interest). I would not need maps; I could never be lost.


2 thoughts on “groot expectations

  1. hello there chan zhi jian matthew my ole pal how r u. exam pyrexia now, it’s awful but two more weeks and I (hopefully) am done with third year! LMK WHEN YOURE BACK COS SERIOUS CATCHING UP IS IN ORDER. stay safe stay sane stay close to God :):))

    • wow i had to check the dictionary wrt pyrexia thanks for making me feel stupid! :)) miss you, life is crazy over here as well but we def need to do our annual catch-up sesh haha. (i’ll be back end jun to end sep?) congrats on being done with three years!!

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