the fruits of procrastination

“only bottled water allowed”

but we choose to show our reverence in different ways,
whispering hotly as we scurry across
the aisles, thumbing books that crumble
into flakes at our incredulous touch, drinking in the waft
of musty thoughts. In the heat, we shed our coats
for skin and peel away at the suspicion that
reading is anything but the breathless kinesis of minds,
of thawing fingertips reaching and yearning for worlds as yet
yawningly inscrutable.

Dedicated to what is effectively home for the next three years. In other news FMLFMLFML essay crisis (cf. Essay Crisis v Matthew (No. 5) [2013] 1 AC 666). Why do I get myself in these things.


One thought on “the fruits of procrastination

  1. wow your case was actually reported nubad ah. must have been some serious point of law. also the citation (Re 666) made me snort

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