late night bike ride

(always feel so blog-lethargic but then I visit the blogs of the few friends who still blog substantially and I decide that, yes, yes I still have something left to say)

1. maxing out the gears on infinite strips of park connector, pedaling to Fire Burning :’)

2. wheels make slopes excruciatingly self-evident. on the gentlest downslope you’re freewheeling to a point it gets crazy fast and you’re touching the brakes warily for any traffic or cracks; whereas your quads start feeling the tamest upslopes long before your eyes perceive them, your momentum grinds itself away all too quickly and your coasting segues to painstaking pedaling. totally need to do more squats.

3. throwing my voice to the breeze, almost inebriated with adrenaline, ’cause who’s going to hear me except a bunch of weirdos running way past their bedtime anyway?!

4. (and this was my destination; back at the fitness corner of my estate where I’d started. I went back home and checked out the song again on iTunes and realised I’d rated almost the whole album 5 stars, back in a time of eager understanding)

Wanted single F
Under 33
Must enjoy the sun
Must enjoy the sea
Sought by single M
Nothing too heavy
Send photo to address

Is it you or me?…


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