i like

late-night riverside conversations over bubble tea about the nature of God (focus on His person/nature not the purpose he might or might not have for us because that bogs us down in unproductive second-guessing), about the apparent contrariness of the rules in the Old Testament and the grace of the New, about the pre-incarnate Christ in Noah’s time…

BSF‘s been great so far, I didn’t think people still sung hymns regularly and the lay pastors have interminable sources of Singlish phrases and bad jokes but it’s very extensive line-by-line analysis which shocks/shames the speed reader in me. I’m so used to and good at grouping verses into general themes and morals and smugly gleaning what I already knew. But though I don’t have the answers even now, I think I’m at least starting to ask the correct questions. It’s a very structured course. It takes 9 years to get through it (one year for each book/thematic cluster of books) and there’s homework scheduled for every day (that I’m sometimes reduced to rushing over the weekend) but at least I’m doing something. You’d be surprised how frustrating it can be to have nothing to take home every day for two years!


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