1. spent a day and a half half-blind but whoever said my other senses would be heightened in compensation was clearly wrong, because i merely felt generally incapacitated and antisocial and squinty. but –

2. superglue works like a charm and the specs are back! but the crack’s still there and leering and I couldn’t ever handle them again except gingerly, I think.

3. feeling quite self-destructive and… altered. but also mostly kinda morose and I’m not exactly sure how or why

4. ucas is done – now to decimate LNAT and plod on with scholarship apps but (and this is related to #3) there’s this thing inside me that says it’s okay to stay in singapore and for the first time it isn’t even self-preservation

5. katy perry’s decidedly not-very-ukuleleable

6. but ok given my skill level practically everything is :'(


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