It’s been day 2 of my self-imposed 40-day Facebook + Similar Online Social Media + 9GAG + Gaming fast, and it’s been surprisingly liberating. I’m coming home to increasingly frequent pockets of free time, even while I’m still allowed my shows/music :)

The fast comes at a time when I’m finding so many things to put before God, so many Isaacs I’ve been lining on the altar, all the while hoping to be interrupted before I plunge my knife and to be reassured that it was nothing more than a test. But then knowing that it was merely a test wouldn’t make it one would it?

It’s also to allow me more time to draft out exactly why I want to study my chosen course within 4000 characters (spaces included). I can’t believe I’ve forgotten the feeling of opening a new Word document and not knowing where to begin; in the army it’s always been about taking old templates and changing the dates, names, details while preserving the paragraphing and formatting that disturbingly enough seem to be all that matter to the people who read. But it’s not quite the same with uni apps; within the UCAS text box I can’t hope to impress with anything except my words, unadorned and hence judged only by the deftness with which they are put together. It’s all about being concise; in 4000 characters and 47 lines I’ve to tell them why I am intellectually interested in the subject, why I’m intellectually and practically suited for it, why and how the limited achievements I’ve racked up are at least tangentially related to the subject while avoiding obvious showboating.

Time to remember what I love about Law again; time to remember how to put it in words.


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