six stars arising

There’re a million better ways to spend National Day than in a Ritz Carlton hotel room transformed as monitoring centre, stuck in an extremely tight space with at least fifteen other older men at any one time (not even in homoerotic way). But hey it’s nice knowing I got to “do ops” before I ORDed, and honestly how many signal officers can say that they know how chemical/explosive defensive ops work? I’m not signing on to the army or police any time soon so this was probably the one time I got to strut around with an NDP pass in the Ritz corridor, walking past tons of uniformed policemen and important-looking people in civvie all focused on the most important regular peacetime security operation in the country – and the abundant rations. (Old Chang Kee ‘tea break’ was followed by KFC dinner – thanks a bunch taxpayers!)

NDP itself was fairly unspectacular; every year sees more fireworks and less newness, not much attempt at narrative this year and a lot more large coordinated people-shapes moving around drearily. At just 19 year of age I find myself wondering if I’ll ever enjoy it again.


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