death cab????

Wow I’m freaking weak. I must have reported sick not more than four times between enlisting (Feb last year) and this May; since June I’ve reported sick like twice a month – and I’m sick again. And that’s with a 8-5:30 desk job this year compared to getting turnouts and 72km route marches, though admittedly we used to have enforced half-full-bottle-drink-up and now I’m lazy to walk to the water cooler. (Though when I prayed to God back in Jan that I’d accept anything as long as it was stay-out and 8-5 I don’t think I quite understood what I was in for. We’re talking about nightmare bosses and earthshaking politics and general workplace malaise)

As if having the spirit sucked out of you by people you already know wasn’t bad enough, I’m also the victim of electronic mudslinging. Today this random number just texted me out of nowhere:


Now I’m an easygoing person when it comes to it, but I will not have such slurs directed at me, even if via curt abbreviated text messages. Especially if they are completely unwonted and unprovoked. (though interestingly enough, I’d called a cab about ten minutes ago, before immediately flagging down another cab. This number then started calling me about ten times before the first hate attack came in. Hmm, could that have had something to do with this??? …nah)

Anyway, I found it necessary to put this guy in his place; obviously whoever would direct such mean and hurtful remarks to an amiable specimen like myself was of extremely poor judgment and had abysmal decision making. I hence went for a laconic response, with a touch of subversive wit:


The other dude didn’t reply, hence demonstrating my absolute domination of the repartee. But I fear he’s still out there, waiting for me with a chopper and an arsenal of Hokkien epithets. I’ve asked my family to pack some of their valuables and leave town. It’s my fight after all, and no one’s going to get to my family before getting to me. I’m ready for you.


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