planes and trains and cars

Cycled for more than two hours today. Route aside it’s frankly always the same. I’d attract too much attention, almost kill myself about ten times and thirty others on the way, be so tired I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms effectively during the ensuing shower later, ass would feel pinched and privates sore and raw and aching for days after. Then I’d do it again the next free evening I have (thankfully probably at least three weeks later). It’s like having a girlfriend (except the aches, what were you thinking?)

The afternoon session kids run amok after school, trailed by their schoolbag-toting parents/grandparents/maids. Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 is endless, as is Yio Chu Kang Rd, though Upp Serangoon gets kinder and is peppered with downslopes. The sky dims in a matter of minutes. The shop opposite has changed so I might not even have recognised the right stop had I taken the bus. I run into some guys from army and unsuccessfully muster Pleasantly Surprised. Two Indian men ride past on a single bike, and a few banglas monopolise the pavement with animated jabber and reduce me to the roads. The lights take over after seven and I make a U-turn after seventy minutes and everything looks new again.


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