Wanted to skip Racial Harmony Day today but secretly glad I didn’t. You should have seen us, a bunch of army guys from REC to COL, all falling in listening to a tour guide tell us about our country. I think we looked like a secondary school class with their (predominantly male) teachers –

but anyway I lapped it all up. I’ve been for millions of these social harmony things but I learn something new every time (or maybe I just keep forgetting). Religions are incredibly interesting. Ganesh with his head lopped off by Father, Brahma’s deceitful cascade down Shiva’s hair; and of course they’re all but one god, and yet they are three, and yet many. (Hinduism is founded on metaphor, which I realise is probably why Rushdie can write as he does about it while staying surprisingly true to the spirit of the faith) I still assert that my faith is the right one, but only like a Man Utd supporter vehemently declares that his team is the best in the world, year in year out. It doesn’t keep him (unless he were a very mediocre supporter) from learning about other clubs, because otherwise he couldn’t fully appreciate his own.


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