It’s probably much more than a blessing than I know it to be, the fact that it’s a Friday afternoon in July and I’m lounging in a service apartment in Auckland, NZ, soaking up the sun and bracing the wind. (Although it really, really is a bad idea to fly with a cold – my right ear started hurting like hell on the descent, failure to equalise pressure or something, and I thought my face would burst. And no thank you, that wouldn’t have been a tremendous improvement) My sisters are out with their respective friends – I’d be out walking around but I’m feeling quite snotty. On a mission to recover asap, or at least before I fly back on Tuesday and my ear really explodes

So many things are not happening. Things left pointedly unsaid, news not joyfully broken out to family members. People to not enthusiastically welcome back. People to not feel illimitably comfortable around, any more. Just me in retreat, reading Miracles in bed and trying to fall asleep.


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