special ops

Today was another slack day, my bosses were occupied in meetings and I was left clearing my work at my own time. One of the best times ever, no kidding. People enter and leave the ops room quite frequently to do duty or talk cock and the TV’s always on so it’s never quite lonely. Play some Monopoly Deal, gossip about regulars, starting to feel like I could actually be a part of this, even though everyone has their own special brand of Singlish with different proportions of English and Mandarin, which makes it impossible to know exactly which words you need to translate into Mandarin and which words you merely need to throw out with a careless Singlish lilt.

In the afternoon a few of them started talking in hushed and excited Mandarin. “Eh, I’m very surprised he wanted to join us this time,” crowed one. “I thought he normally very guai one!” Another one piped up, “Eh, you sure you dowan join us next time ah? Time to be a real man leh, get some experience! Next time when you’re old they wouldn’t even be interested in you any more lor! Anyway it’s not considered cheating if your girlfriend doesn’t know!” His friend looked agonised. “Ehhh wahlao, stop peer pressuring me leh! Very tempting!!!”

Sigh, kids.


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