while my bunkmates gently weep

Sigh, shouldn’t have acted – or revealed the fact that I was – so free during my first few weeks. Now my ops section’s second-in-command, a captain, is slowly delegating me to do more and more of his work. The progression is so obvious. It started with minor grammar edits, now I’m following up papers which have his name on it… The worst thing is that claiming credit for all these things don’t even matter to me, because I’m an NSF! It’s beneath me to fight for something that obviously matters less to me than the person who’s claiming the credit for my work. It’s an annoyingly stable NSF-regular equilibrium.

On something much closer to my heart: it’s more or less confirmed that my unit’s moving to stay in come late June. I should be thanking God that I at least got to enjoy going home every day for a whole five months – but I’m left wondering why the stay in even has to be implemented in the first place. It is SO evident that my camp is inhabitable. There’s only a small commanders’ mess, the mosquitoes love the officer bunks for some reason, there’s nothing to do, the cookhouse is shabby and repetitive, the canteen is oily and expensive and also repetitive, and have I mentioned that there’s nothing to do????? Plus, all the men are scurrying to their specialists trying to prove that they’re allergic to SAF bedsheets (not even kidding) and I’m never going to do that. Looks like it’ll be me, alone in my bunk, strumming on my ukulele the few songs I know that don’t sound like endless caterwauling.


One thought on “while my bunkmates gently weep

  1. I had no idea you’re still soldiering on with this blog…perhaps this is indicative of the amount of work our unit is saddling you with? >< No offence of course, sir.

    Well, endless caterwauling it probably won't, you're free to join in the party over at 'B'; we've got speakers, guitars and a keyboard to boot. I'm sure Ernest will be just as inviting. By the way have I ever mentioned to you how quickly the dust coalesces into voluminous lumps in this strange land?

    And yes, interesting dynamic you've fleshed out over there about the 'annoyingly stable NSF-regular equilibrium'. Don't get that very much over here our block, but that's probably because I'm far too proletarian in any case. It's just infuriating (in a simmering sort of way) that we're sometimes made to be unwilling participants in wanton acts of stupidity, owing to what are really thinly-veiled sword-vs-bayonet showdowns between higher-ups. Who, being kids as you say, simply can't man up and talk to each other in the face.

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