So my unit’s in uproar about the rumours about every NSF (including officers!!) having to stay in come next month, which honestly in my opinion is about as exciting news as we get around here. It’s also the worst kind of news, and the thing about unit people which I’m still trying to learn after spending a year in myriad training institutes – they’re resourceful as hell. “I’ve already thought about it,” a friend crows. “The moment the news breaks out officially I’m going to go to my bosses and list down my family problems, medical condition, night classes, and they’ll confirm give me excuse stay out one.”

“F*** la I’m going to downpes and get posted out of here!” “You must weigh the consequences leh,” my ops clerk rebuts sagely. “You need to think of the possible places you’ll get posted to and they may not necessarily be better than here!” After a pause: “Everything in army must be planned one, that’s how you get what you want.” He’s the clerk who dropped out of being a sergeant so he could land a stay-out job at a camp near his house, so he knows what he’s talking about.

He’s been enlisted for almost two years, but he’s not much smarter than anyone else in this place, really. This recruit came in a week after me, fresh from dropping out of BMT for fracturing his wrist. His wrist is kept in a wrist guard, but when he did duty in the ops room that one time, he took it out to watch TV. “…Uh, how come can take out one?”

“Fake one lah, sir!” He gives me a conspiratorial wink. Sometimes I wonder why I ever wanted to take men.


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