morning after

Being the weekend DSO (duty staff officer) isn’t such a bad deal. You stay in camp for half your weekend, but return you do only one, not two, duties in that month. Plus, nothing and no one really bothers you during the weekend; you’re free to your media devices and your books and basically everything you’d normally do indoors, just that you spend your 24 hours shuttling (hopefully infrequently) between the toilet and the ops room, also my office during working hours.

There’s also a duty sergeant and orderly, not that bad a deal as you mostly mind your own business, uniting only in the evenings to split the surcharge on McDelivery. The orderly’s watching Youtube videos of people playing a game called League of Legends, with extremely loud commentary by an apparently perpetually excited American who’s enthusing about ‘skills’ and ‘maneuvers’ – and you guys laugh at me for being childish?? He guffaws appreciatively as we watch the cartoons on okto. I quite like him.


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