Because as much as I cherish technology and avoiding unnecessary expense and generally adore all that tries hard enough to be novel and unique, my attraction to my Kindle and to the idea of ebook readers is fast wearing thin. It’s just not, and will never be, the same. There’s something in the printed book that rises above the compilation and arrangement of the words that make up it. And it’s such a shame because the Kindle really has everythingthat a reader should need. But the progress bar at the bottom to show you how much you’ve read (in percentage) can’t substitute the physical appraisal of your own reading progress by sizing up with your fingers the thickness of the pages you have read and the pages you haven’t. On a Kindle you can’t develop inexplicable biases for specific books based on fonts and sizes, or take in the newness of the leaves, or sift through your borrowed copy for pensive annotations, or marvel at colonies of age spots forming in the first few pages… technology’s trying to undermine the mortality of the book and it’s quite worrying


2 thoughts on “bloop

  1. i’m just glad the book still reigns for now as i sit figuring out chords amidst tons of old music books. the kindle always seemed compelling but the way you described the progress bar just made it a total turnoff!!

  2. it’s still a great thing to have if you want to read books you know you’ll never spend the time or money to buy/borrow (i’m reading the Hunger Games trilogy now lol, it’s a better twilight) but i’ll hate to use it for awesome books! nice eevee!

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