Today’s one of those peaceful days in office. The bosses aren’t around, I’m the highest rank in the office. Spent two hours finishing ROOM. I’d honestly forgotten that feeling you get when you finally close the cover of a book that was at once unique and amazing, slight shivers and goosebumps. I can’t imagine getting that from any law text. Wait I can’t even imagine finishing a law text

Still mulling over the play last night. I’m a perfect idiot, in so many ways.


3 thoughts on “Office

  1. Haven’t visited your blog in a while and decided to drop by. Saw this post from today and thought: BINGO! The one day I decide to swing by, he has *just* updated the space. …….Then realizing there has been a post every other day for the past however many days. Haha Officer, you are TOO free! :) I say that in a positive light. I wish I still kept a blog.

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