…please don’t ban those too

Of the myriad directives and orders passed down from MINDEF and SAF, one especially (and genuinely) befuddles me – the restriction on any ‘lifestyle devices’ (such a horrible term too) with a diagonal screen size exceeding 4.3 inches (ie. that of the newer PSP models). This seems especially placed to prevent me from bringing in my Kindle to office, but I wouldn’t have minded half as much if it made any sense at all. As it stands these days, there isn’t a correlation between screen size and security threat/functionality/connectivity/distraction value. If you want to ban my Kindle, which runs on e-ink, Wifi (and a cute non-QWERTY on-screen keyboard navigated by arrow keys) and renders up to black-and-white PDF documents, why do you allow any handphone with any of 3G connection, Wifi, Bluetooth, voice recorders, radios or games?

To the MSD snoopers who will invariably find this – MY SANITY HINGES ON THIS ANSWER


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