While I’m at this blogging business for the first time in half a year (used to do it twice a day) I might at well write myself to sleep…

I’m now firmly convinced that I’ll never ever be content with life. I got thrown into a unit that doesn’t really need me (“Um, so what does a BSO do?”), that allows me to go home everyday and is less than an hour by public transit. I’ve practically no men under my charge. And yet of late I’ve been seeing the negatives of the situation, that, really, are quite negligible: no men! No other signal officer in the whole damn place! Lonely Matthew!

I think I’m destined to be 4ever alone: there’re probably less than five signal officers in the whole camp, and I’m definitely the only one in my brigade (hence “Brigade Signal Officer”). Everyone knows everyone else or at least has shared experiences in the form of engineer training and their CBRE badge; I’ve my 5 months of 12kg-radios, wavelengths and ostentatiously long route marches that no one really relates to, though my signal responsibility in this unit has been reduced to the form of small mobile phone-like radios. Went for a training session on them recently, and I could have sworn my half-asleep mind heard the instructor say this:

Instructor: This is the “On/Off” button. You use it to switch on and switch off the radio.

My friends like complaining about how their men give them problems – how they’re always complaining too much or running too slowly, how they don’t know which ones to recommend for promotion or which ones to dish out extras to. I of course am above these problems but I honestly wish I had them. Very mundane, thankless stuff, but then I was trained to accept thankless tasks, and I’m quite curious what kind of commander I’d be like.

Actually, I’m quite certain I’d have been more of the same – always a bit too goofy and child-faced for the rank, too pally to command any real, “military respect”, too heedless of arbitrary authority to be a good example to the men. What I wanted to know was: why not, though?


One thought on “LEO

  1. I’m curious what kind of commander you’d be like too. It would have been fun I reckon. I’m thinking more along the lines of “payback time!” lol.

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