here we go again

I admit that I’m not the most ‘on’ person when it comes to army, but it’s still quite disappointing to have the instructors repeatedly say that we’re nowhere near the standard we should be at by this time – especially because it’s true. It’s so frustrating to have people repeatedly portray the course to be incapable of behaving like sentient beings, let alone like officers. I mean, this is the army; stop complaining to the instructors about stupid things like not having enough time to study for your SATs in camp (when the admin time in Stagmont is more than sufficient 70% of the time) or requesting for a list of things we can and cannot do. That’s just plain dumb and I don’t know how any of them could ever take men next time with that attitude. I don’t always agree with the instructors that we’re just trying to be spoon-fed (it pisses me off, for example, when they accuse us of that when we’re merely trying to find out info that we could only ever get from them) but people like that just prove their point, which makes them more likely to f*** us if they get enough reason to.

Sigh it’s depressing that these are alumni of top JCs, recipients of top government scholarships, and future leaders of the SAF. I’m not even talking about good leadership, which I concede is extremely hard to do especially without years of experience – but if after half a year of army we can’t practice good ‘followership’ then something is seriously wrong.


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