chicken soup for the mess tin

My parents brought Margarita home after her extended stay in the hands of various computer repairers who agreed only on the fact that it cost way too much to fix it. Ah well, not worth the money really… though I’m feeling extremely silly for feeling sentimental. On Margarita there were project documents dating back to Sec 4 – some SS video project about the Esplanade I think, and a few draft scripts that I used to read once in a while (roughly annually). A hell lot of game save files – like my Plants vs Zombies game which I completed a million times and used to spend ages tending my Zen Garden, just clicking coins and rearranging pots. And really, who can resist the sleek display of a Macbook! which I vainly sought to make my own by downloading wallpapers and browser themes. Plus, anthropomorphising my laptop definitely ranks amongst the weirdest things I’ve done.

Farewell Margarita! You were my first.

It’s a good thing though that I’m allowed to bring my army laptop home, on the pretext of needing to study Signals stuff. Ugh back in infantry I looked forward to studying all the time; now, confronted with physics/logarithmic equations a few lines long, I’m starting to think chionging up knolls and mountains isn’t that bad after all.

(ok though actually infantry just spent five days in Tekong with one day’s worth of rations and a yam/sweet potato/chicken wing?? They also had to trek all around Tekong and carry a shit load of water. I think my aircon room’s mildly preferable to that)


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