bye Atus!!!!!

“sometimes when your best just isn’t enough” – I’m getting to know how that feels, too often too painful. In BMT I’m pretty sure that if ever I’d wanted to fall out (which never really happened for some reason) I wouldn’t be alone. In OCS everyone else plods on with incredible strength of will. It’s not even that they’re much more combat fit; that’s one reason, but people become combat fit simply by sucking a hell lot of thumb. You become fitter just by being there at the finish line, and I haven’t always been there… (and OCS people never fail to remind you of your past failures)

So I needed this 16km (which was actually more like 20. Training difficulty is about one of the only things that OCS constantly understates) route march. I needed to learn that the pain climaxes somewhere in the middle, but then after the pain subsides into soothing numbness it’s incredibly, incredibly easy. It was amazing that I felt less tired after 19km than I was at 12km. It’s a rhythm that I need to find all the time… though the only rhythm I’ll be bothering myself with for the next five hours? My hypothetical, satisfied snores.


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