because thumbs are for sucking

It’s heartening to see people like yongy blog with refreshing earnestness week after week despite NS. I myself rarely feel energetic, or inspired, enough to blog, though it’s nice to know from someone else that there are things in army that can be pondered in words.

I’ve only blogged once about NS, after the super long first bookout, but it’s not because there isn’t anything to talk about. Since the last post, I’ve shot live rounds, done IPPT twice (dour pair of Silvers… really need to get some speed/stamina training in ugh), survived possibly the wettest field camp ever and the ensuing outbreak of hives. I’ve vomited at 3:59pm before falling in at 4 to do a 12km route march. I’ve felt like giving up so many times and persevered, for noble reasons (I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS!!!!111) or pragmatic ones (If I don’t do this now I’ve to book in early for RT, f*** it just zham lah). It’s perfectly true that the army is a big fat bunch of truisms, but at least it lets you live out every one of them for yourself.

I’d elaborate but I’d only bore you; you’d have to be in the army to know what I’m talking about. (though girls this is by no means a hint for you to sign on! I’ve seen what the army does to girls… *shudder*) The people are great, and getting greater by the week. Thanks for those people who flushed my body with water during the post-vomit route march, and those who supported me during Sitest while I was platoon i/c and not always chipper… Anyway it’s quite funny how people in army think blogging is damn gay. I was talking to this platoon-mate who was bitching about someone else: “F*** lah what a pussy, ask him to go f*** off and write in his blog lah!” he guffawed heartily, as if he had come up with possibly the most cutting insult ever. Helpless, I returned the guffaw, though feeling a sudden sharp pain in my chest. These are going to be two long years.


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