first bookout

The best things about bookout:

  • Not having to bring your own toilet roll to the toilet when you shit
  • Waking up after the sun has risen
  • French fries, canned drinks, ice cream on days other than Tuesday
  • More protein than limp shreds of pork

Army is frankly bearable. I’ve done things that I would never have done of my own accord: wash my clothes every day, bathe in three minutes, clear my plate in ten, carry out full (albeit ultimately banal) conversations with people I don’t even know, asking stupid questions. Everything in the army is purposed to erode your identity; the sooner I recognised that, the easier it became. I note with regret that I’ve become kinda dumb after two weeks… but there are perks to having life reduced to a sort of comfortable myopia. Before the 9th of this month I worried excessively over five- and ten-year-plans; in Tekong there is no future but the immediate one. We think in manageable chunks of time: when the ‘next timing’ is, when ‘lights out’ and reveille is for the day and the next.


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