waiting for gORDot

I had a dream about NS! It was an entirely bizarre hodgepodge of different things I must have been thinking about. It was one of the first days, when we were getting oriented (I’m not sure if real-life-NS actually orients much, I’ve always thought they just shave your head, throw you a rifle and ask you to hunt your own wild boars for dinner. Seniors, please clarify!!). For some reason we’d to put on belts though we were in shorts, little green strings that kinda looked like garters. We had to knot them in a certain way, however, and I was having some problem with the knot. It was mildly disconcerting; how was I to hunt boars if I couldn’t even garter-belt my shorts?! Like most other absurd questions, this one answers itself.

And oh there were also random girls from Humanz who had apparently enlisted as well.

Anyway I was panicking most of the dream I think, at one point I had to print out a photo of myself for the ID and I’d some problem with the photo printer. Arjun’s help was enlisted several times (Why did I think of Arjun? I had thought of Rachael twenty times for Arjun), both with the faux-belt and the photo. But several miscellaneous errands later I finally got to sit down (on what appeared to be a stage). The sitting around lasted forever; no one came by to inspect my shorts-belt or to affirm my ID photo. Wryly, I turned to someone beside me: “Army’s probably not so bad if we get to sit around for two years.” Behind me, Random Humanz Girl chuckled.


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