i’m too old for this… stuff

Today on the Circle Line I saw a group of D’Elchanto students, looking bouncy and energetic, probably having a whale of a time doing EA. How artificial. NO ONE’S SUPPOSED TO LIKE DOING EA!!!! You’re either supposed to succumb to hunger and spend hours at some fast food restaurant, or walk around hungry wishing you had. (though okay this sounds odd coming from EA-SWENSENS-VOUCHERS-WINNING OGL ’10) I hid from them, trying to hide the logo on my shorts. You see, underneath my flinty rule-breaking mavericky exterior, lies someone who secretly thinks that RJ shorts are comfy and wears them out a lot.

What does D’Elchanto even mean, anyone? Sounds like the name of a Mexican fugitive.

(though the shirt looks pretty good does anyone have a spare (X)S?)


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