I’m not usually a fan of reunions (or mass gatherings of any sort for that matter) but I felt like I needed the 2P one. Sorry 4K but I thought my first two years were some of the most carefree ones, albeit merely distant memories now. I don’t think we ever pretended to be extremely homogeneous or monolithic (except maybe at the very end, bonded by the glue of Litsem/MOV success); there were informal groupings and categories, first along the lines of primary school… but then other features started taking precedence. I was probably in the Small People group. I remember incriminating lines in my health booklet: “Height Percentile: >3-10%” and other rude things about my pubertal process…

Reunions are either characterised by the realisation that everybody has changed, or that nobody has. Mostly it’s a mix. We all look the same (I myself have grown 30cm but am still decidedly ectomorphic…), but instead of discussing the next video (see below) we discussed universities and/or scholarships, amongst other boring, inconsequential stuff. Huang Wenjie sits across me. If there’s one word I’d use to describe him, it’s phlegmatic. He dispenses advice to the people around him with unwavering calmness: “Matthew, if you’re doing law you shouldn’t take a scholarship…” before expounding on inter-sector salary differences. To Yu Hsuen, aspiring med student: “You need to know what field you intend to specialise in you know. And if you intend to marry a doctor right, it’s very important what she intends to specialise in…” (I had zoned out slightly before this so I didn’t hear his justification) YH throws out the possibility that he might not marry anybody; thrown off by this flagrant breach of orthodoxy, HWJ feebly replies, “Um, well then there wouldn’t be a problem lah!”

I spent most of my lower sec time in the comp lab I think, with Abel (erstwhile gay buddy), playing Pokemon on emu/KOL/Neopets/assorted games which slowly got banned by the ever-tyrannical hand of Aileen Chor (I have a suspicion that most of the computer skills she picked up were strictly defensive). At one point I think we managed to sneak Maplestory in window mode on our thumb drives but that got banned too. Occasionally tagging along was Kevin Kwek, who was already six-foot-tall but liked burbling, drooling and miaowing. No wonder he hung out with us; we were too nice to protest and too short to resort to violence. He wasn’t at the reunion, though Abel was. We both still play Pokemon! And he’s still much better and much more obsessed. Some things never change. (though not nearly enough stay the same)

After dinner we had a great time watching our very own 2P videos, brainchild of Jonny et al. I was in barely any of them because I always came late and always seemed to have training or something. And also because I spent all my time in the comp lab of course. Being a Small Person got me a spot in the cast of this video, though:

(because even at 14 I was already easily bewildered)


4 thoughts on “recount

  1. I was one of the small people! Or rather, was stuck in the group between the short and the average height.

    And pokemon FTW! I think I remember playing KOL in the comp lab occasionally :P

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