the day he stopped making fun of the aged

Enlightening WordPress tidbits on a blog that has long since entered semi-retirement:

Some visitors came searching, mostly for mooty, kim wakerman, stupid paragraphs, teo chai yaw, and morning salutations.

okay, is this really how my blog is defined? (–> not a rhetorical question, I honestly don’t know what some of these mean.)

Life has been harrowing so far this year – my EZ-Link card has entered the dreaded, irreversible single-tap phase, which made commuting for the past few days quite an out-of-body experience. Dude, I think I’d need to produce ID to get alcohol for at least three more years. I can’t sit down in a “Reserved Seat” without being seared by glares of contempt and indignation. Do I really need to pay adult fare?


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