a second purpose for fake mustaches

I find it laughable to admit that my manliest feature is my stubborn aversion to shopping. After trying on a few pieces my legs turn to jelly and I start clawing at the nearest McDonalds outlet for a quick fix of milo/burger/fries. Prom is turning out to be rather a dreary affair.

Anyway – I’m back from HK and there isn’t much of note, except I got to step into one of the famed Macanese (wtf?) casinos. Not, however, without copious infusions of lung cancer and a small offering of dignity:-

*enters with my family*
Guard *stares at me suspiciously*: Sorry, 18 and above only.

After a few inconvenient re-entries I found it prudent to keep my passport on hand for easy identification. The limited perks of looking young have long gotten old.


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