first loves are fleeting

Sorry for being old but I really, really like this guy! They honestly don’t make them like him anymore.

Econs is fairly good – after awhile all essays seem to look the same and when regurgitating your econs notes counts as *L3 Analysis* or (God forbid) *~Evaluation~*, things shouldn’t be too hard… hopefully case study wasn’t unsalvageable!

Lit isn’t quite so simple. You know how there’s a multiplier effect in school? You start off by doing something really well, so you get praise and accolades and it starts to look fun doing it, so you keep at it and get even better. Having been consigned to the massed heap of mediocrity where Lit is concerned, it’s hard to muster the motivation to keep doing it. It’s not even about pride or appearances; suddenly all the things you write start sounding trite, maybe even foolish or shallow and you wonder why you even started in the first place! Everyone knows this stuff! You’re not writing anything beautiful or at least worthy of a thoughtful chuckle, so why go on?

(okay I was wrong; it is all about pride. It’s probably also the worse kind; the only thing more insidious than an external expression of arrogance is an internal simmering of it, since that rules out its more innocuous brother, bravado)

Can’t do anything about injections but I can do something about leakages – in a recession, a small multiplier is better. Though I’m quite sure spamming episodes of Modern Family is the wrong sort of leakage…


2 thoughts on “first loves are fleeting

  1. Piano man is awesome. Not sure if he writes his own songs, but you’ll find, for most of his songs, every single lyric of different stanzas is different, unlike those songs these days, where a couple of lines are repeated ad infinitum, ad naseaum!

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