i’ve been a waif for twenty years!

You know you’re a tad deranged when you start having two consecutive dreams about failing exams (separated by a real-life toilet break). The first one was SEAHist; questions were weird and all I had in my head was Budi Utomo, and the year it was founded!!!!!! (okay, I got the latter bit wrong as well; it was 1909 instead of 1908 in my dream) I didn’t even have any arguments; luckily my bladder put a stop to this harrowing fantasy.

So I went back to sleep again… only to dream about I Hist. Questions were weird (again; there was even something about chem, which says a lot about how much time I spend on my Facebook news feed these days). I couldn’t do any of them, so I picked three (obviously not the chem one) and hastily scribbled sentences for each of them when anything struck me. Time was running out and all I were three half-written essay introductions. The shock of that woke me up, I think.

…it’s a good thing I don’t have to sleep for about 15 more hours


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