in the midnight hour

As embarassing as it is to admit, I’ve been hooked on a math book. Yeah, those exist in non-textbook varieties. Alex’s Adventures in Numberland doesn’t deserve any credit for originality of title but it was one of the best reads in a while, though history notes and furiously annotated versions of Hamlet don’t put up much of a fight. Though I think We Now Know who’s gonna fail his A’s

six more days, some rabid and sporadic prayers and more than a little glancing at the notes, and I think I should be fine


2 thoughts on “in the midnight hour

  1. *wanted to crack some witty math joke but my faculties failed me* how was it! (notwithstanding your description of it as being “one of the best reads”) does it even have a narrative or a mad mather or an um, t-party?

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