the sounds of silence

I’ve discovered this website called Omegle! You get to talk to random strangers. Unfortunately none of them are very friendly people.

Stranger: Hi23 m USA
You: 76 m usa
You: where do you live
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

6 thoughts on “the sounds of silence

  1. Stranger: ask and I will answer
    You: I am from Chosun Foreign Relation
    You: Our Dear Leader is trying “Open Up” policy
    You: Can ask what you feel about our glorious nation?
    Stranger: good for you
    Stranger: your nation is not glorious
    You: You no see our recent parade?
    Stranger: no i did not
    You: I weep tears of gratitude when I see our Dear Leader waving to us
    Stranger: you’re a pussy then
    Stranger: grow some balls
    You: Will suggest to Planning Department, thank you
    You: Next Five Year Plan will focus on ball production
    Stranger: good, be sure to give me credit for all your balls
    You: I have to offline now, our Dear Leader wants to online shopping for his Hennessy XO
    You: Goodbye.
    You have disconnected.

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