slow beats <=> doom

This post is dedicated to people who have finished their prelims, and especially to those who haven’t.

Woke up at 10 today and did the best kind of nothing there is – watched shows (Blackadder the Third; HIMYM; Glee) armed with bowl of cereal, packed my room and gave everything a wipe-over* while singing along to iTunes – can anyone help me on this: is knowing exactly how all the different choruses in your songs are syncopated a sure sign that you need new songs? x_x

*lol yongy I found an old copy of The Rafflesian Times with your Creatively-Titled Front Page Article, “Transpon-WHAT?” I should tell you that your Dear Raffles column was a constant source of derision for Sec 4 mootz, sorry :( let’s move on!


3 thoughts on “slow beats <=> doom

    • yup even the God-forsaken cupboard tops. considering my odiousness this is a real achievement!! lol robyn how have you been spending your days then, i’m so free i don’t even have enough leisure/shows to pass the time :3

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