T minus 1

While praying today for one of my boys, wisps of the verse “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God blah blah…” (Matthew 6:33) popped into my head – it felt as much for me as it was for my prayee, especially since I could hardly continue the prayer thereafter. I don’t want to get all evangelical but it is evident even from observation that the math of God is a really strange one; God wouldn’t have made a very good economist since economics centers around scarcity and opportunity cost. There isn’t any “highest valued alternative forgone” in spending time at His feet.


3 thoughts on “T minus 1

  1. lol econz seems like your insidious way of poking fun at God. this would be an appropriate moment to insert the quote about how a finite mind (no offence intended) cannot comprehend an infinite being ^.^

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