always look on the

Life after the iPhone is fraught with inconvenience but at the very least my Nokia (insert four-digit number here) boasts some decent features. How many phones actually have flashlights? I mean, you’d actually have to have an iPhone 4 AND buy an app to even control your camera flash.

There’s also the fact that my phone has games no one would play – such as cricket (with the screen’s low resolution, controlling the player closely approximates to rolling a long beige bean up and down a tablecloth), or “soccer league”. There’s an app that you’d have to be hardpressed to see heading any iPhone app store tables: a Chinese lunar calendar (available under Chinese language settings only so I haven’t had the chance to take a look at it).

Yup, there was definitely a silver lining in losing my iPhone. I’m also getting better at scoring runs in Cricket, though I can’t always be sure that the “scorelines” aren’t just dead pixels.


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