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I think there’re only three types of people in the world: successes, early-bloomers or late-bloomers. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m an early-bloomer or a late-bloomer- was just looking through certs and awards and there was actually a phase in my life where success came naturally to me. Now success doesn’t even come unnaturally or any other way – but I really hate to think that I peaked when I was nine, shading ovals for a place in Nanyang x_x

I really think that I could be good at what I study because I’m curious about stuff I like; but on the other hand I’m ****ing lazy even about these things and especially for other things. People have made names for themselves without being smart but I don’t think anyone has made a (good) name without being incredibly hardworking. I don’t know what it is exactly but it definitely goes beyond a superficial disinclination to get down to work when it matters… it’s almost like I’m repulsed by the fact that there’s a grade attached to my understanding – I’m massively interested about the law right now and I really want to study it (and in the UK, land of all the things I like <3 (though there’s the TV and the hot chixx if I end up in the US instead, and um the free accommodation if I go to NUS… opp cost ftw)) but I think I won’t relish sloshing around in a room of knee-high readings if I do study it

I really hope my academics doesn’t fail me- it seems like the thing I could be most good at but there definitely needs to be less facebook, gaming, extra-curricular reading, poetry, sleeping, working out, going out, uni-obsessing! Back to the Cold War


3 thoughts on “commercial break

  1. thanks friends… it’s just damn sad when you look at average people who unexpectedly became more successful than you and you’re like “woah, what just happened here” and you realise you can’t really blame him for mugging his/her ass off while you’re just sitting on yours

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