facebook, you had me at “Widowed”

What “It’s complicated” is probably supposed to connote

1. You’re grandparents but you never actually got married
2. You made a pact to wait for your lover for 14 years, because he’s off to fight the war; you’re carrying his twins and you’re giving birth tomorrow
3. You’ve been married for 26 years with two children; his parents just told you that you two were fraternal twins separated at birth
4. You married a video game character, or a hermaphrodite potato

What some people on my friends list probably think “It’s complicated” means
1. You met this girl yesterday and she hasn’t replied to your pick-up SMS in 7 hours
2. You like this girl but she doesn’t like you (which is, really, as uncomplicated as it gets)
3. You’ve been talking on MSN to the same girl three nights in a row, and the subject “love” cropped up at least three times
4. Someone hot just SMSed you about tomorrow’s homework, and there were definitely at least 20 other classmates she could have texted


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