sparkling coherence and vampires

Mere Christianity is a good read and as Christian apologetics goes C S Lewis is unrivalled. No doubt Christian apologetics in itself is pretty much ineffective in my opinion (because if people would be persuaded with simple accessible logic, they’d have been persuaded long ago… I think), but Lewis gives it a heck of a try, and I think it’d be quite cool to be his contemporary and listen to him put his progressive deduction to the people. He does make a lot of sense, replete with explicable analogies.

Also I’ve been mugging my ass off, or at the very least one buttcheek and/or several piles. Vectors shall be conquered and then stats and the other subjects… you know life’s good when mugging’s fun; social lives are for the weak


2 thoughts on “sparkling coherence and vampires

  1. might i add, blogging frequently and posting facetious facebook statuses are other symptoms of you mugging your posterior off :p proud of you~

    • oh dear, the fact that i’m commenting so frequently automatically relegates me to the same loser category too D: eurgh oh well, mugging loves company!

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