but wild and whirling words

ugh too ‘homebound’ (added to parental objection to going out to watch the WC final means that I’ll be watching it at home, if at all – haven’t followed football too much of late and 2:30am makes for a diminished Matthew…), and anyway, nothing too bad about watching episodes of University Challenge on Youtube (sounds like a superbly healthy culture in the UK and is another draw~~). I now know what I want to study (for the better part) and where I want to study it (for a much lesser part), now I have to make it happen by moving my ass and doing my case studies.

life really hasn’t been too good… i need to read more fiction because at least in that i have a romantic optimism that can never be denied to me, and dejection that i can only ever experience vicariously.


2 thoughts on “but wild and whirling words

  1. lol university challenge is crazy, how does one even know that much? it’s like your crazy trivia quizzes all over again. and the participants look very… oh dear me. if an education does that to you, my superficial side prefers to drop out of school tyvm

    • aiyoh most of them don’t look too bad… i’ve seen worse in other seasons (think scrawny asian guy and scrawny diabolical-genius-looking guy replete with bulbous head). gail trimble is imba

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