It sucks being self-contained; it’s self-perpetuating. You start enjoying your own presence too much and realise that there’s no more time to go out/socialise/build Crucial Bonds… so you stay at home and get distracted by yourself anyway. By “yourself” and “your own presence” I am referring to Pokemon.

I need less impulse and more discipline, and an immunity to unlockable in-game content. But anyway to anyone who cares or understands – I got Pokerus!!! That’s like four times as rare as getting a shiny so I wonder why I haven’t picked up any yet (save for Gyarados and a lame Loudred from Emerald).

There’s a moral hazard, being a Christian. Safe in the knowledge and protection of infinite grace, you tend to slack off (especially before major assessment hurdles), believing in miracles and sudden inexplicable personality changes (that sometimes do happen, but in any case often safely within the bounds of reality). I don’t know… I’m glad I can face God again without feeling awkward and guilty, but it’ll often (and almost by definition) be a pain standing up for Him, defending Him and getting egg in the face for your efforts… as if I had any street cred left to spare, or any moral courage for the former not to matter.


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