burning love

There’re many perks to having a new doctor in the family – free diagnosis.

Me: Hey, there’re like bumps in my mouth and I’m down with fever! And sore throat, runny nose etc.
Charm: Oh, I think it’s herpangina.
Me: …I’m pretty sure that was two really potentially awkward words rolled into one. Herp what gina?

This thing does exist, check Wikipedia, but thankfully – and as expected (:3) – it isn’t anything venereal. Anyway adding insult to injury is the fact that herpangina is commonly found in infants and young children. I think I’ve had enough ageist jokes for the week – and anyway I’m pretty sure the mouth lacerations were figments of my imagination.

So I’ve been sick for about 24 hours now. Features include:

1) Feeling very hot
2) Losing my huge growing-boy appetite, unearthing the slightest semblance of Matthew’s Abs, last sighted in 1976
3) Feeling too languid for pure math and too energetic for sleep, hence settling for a happy medium – two hours of Pokemon Platinum

Don’t we all love real/perceived herpangina?


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