Dance Night was actually pretty fun! UCC brought back CAPpy memoriez. I realise most things in my life are either too mundane to be blogged about or too abstruse to command an audience. If it’s interesting and in my life, no one else understands it!!!!!! Story of my life

But tonight made me relive some of the small moments that make life life – you know some of the best moments are spent not being exuberant or excited, just contented. There’re ups and downs to exuberance (irrational or otherwise) – contentment promises stability at the very least (whether it follows up on that promise is a different matter). Even the injustices of PTM can’t get me down. I’m 17 going on 18, rather smart and quite (if reservedly) funny, actively seeking fun and quite a fair bit of free time, contentedly attached… things could be better but things could be worse. It’s really all a matter of priorities. I could live a long life being materially rich and powerful and yet friendless and doing the things I abhor. Or I could enjoy the present moment (giving just enough thought for the future to get by) and die poor doing my favourite things and in the arms of my favourite people. There’ll always be a place in the world for someone who wants to be himself.

Okay boring post, you know how it goes… they don’t pay me enough to keep this blog alive!!!

Random quote from Pride and Prejudice (a surprisingly accessible book):-

Lizzy: “Isn’t general incivility the very essence of love?”

Not saying that surliness is the way to approach love, but that when surliness in a certain context is observed, love HAS to be present. It’s not a popular notion but you have to at least admire the idea of being so incapacitated by love as to lose control of your social faculties. There is value in the very elusiveness of that state.


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