belated explanation for being functionally autistic

A few people I’ve met of late has led me to reflect upon the nature of people. I’ve come to believe that different people are interesting to different extents – this has nothing to do with personality, academic prowess or even subject-matter of conversation. Some people are just funnier than others. It’s not so much a normative issue because interestingness can in a way be empirically observed and verified – I hate to say it but most people in the world (probably around 99%) don’t have anything interesting to offer. In contrast, being in the company of the residual 1% is necessarily enjoyable. You may not personally appreciate this person, or respect any of his choices – yet I hope I’m not alone in believing that admiration should be given where admiration is due, if and when from a person emanates a profound understanding of the humorous and of the ironic, if he thoroughly understands the world and subverts it intelligently with appropriate one-liners.

And that, in effect, is why I don’t pay as much attention to academics/scholarships/sycophant-ing/serious business as I should. This is partly because commitment scares me, and also because I’m lazy and much inclined to play Plants vs Zombies when given the opportunity (lol nid 2 farm muny plz); but I’d probably be working harder right now if not for my aversion to the idea of becoming irreparably serious. Being serious risks the loss of any shred of irony I might have possessed. I may have Cs and Ds besmirching my academic transcript (and I’m by no means happy about or even tolerant of this), but I’d only truly have failed the moment I stop taking a step back and laughing at myself.


2 thoughts on “belated explanation for being functionally autistic

  1. love this post, my funny friend. please don’t become completely serious, i’m sure you can retain your keen sense of irony while doing better on the academic transcript side of things. (pvz was so yesterday, i have an awesome zen garden!)

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