seld and rare

A few thoughts:-

1. SORRY Japna Kaur whoever you are omg I totally chose the wrong team and person to ask my Awesome Killer Question and in all fairness (to me, obviously) it was an Entertaining question like those reality TV sequences except that real life ironically amplifies the realness that is somehow not present in reality TV – real life consequences to a smartass fantasy. Shit good luck for Council! Thanks for taking it like a man, even though you’re not one. I’m a man and I can’t even stomach CTs failure so you r infinitely kool

2. I realise the reason I’m so hung up about CT failure is that ultimately results cement impressions, and good results give you a little more leeway to play with in class. A smart person who says something stupid can easily be construed as “witty” or “ironic”; a stupid person who says something stupid can only ever be thought stupid. It’s harsh and stark but I think it’s true – how else do politicians stay in office? They don’t always do smart things so the only reason is that they get to live off previous success. It’s a sort of – impressional inertia.

That said this is just a thought I was bandying around, I realise the only way to go from here is up and CTs are receding into the background… as November approaches my window of commitment shrinks with ever-increasing velocity and that is very, very comforting. I’m not a very good multi-tasker (I can’t listen to music and study) and the sooner academics take pole position, the better! Mugslut Matthew is keen for action~

3. I think I’ve said this before but I keep realising daily how easy it is (via probabilistic distribution or moral argument) to fall in love with the *wrong* person – wrong meaning either incompatible or simply unmitigatedly horrendous – and how easy it is to be so spent by sheer dint of romance. On the other hand I think I have a pretty good idea (though who am I to say? Foresight is 0/20) that neither of the above apply to me right now. This is Matthew at his luckiest. Thank you <3


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