There’s a Dan Fogelberg revival in my head but I can’t share it with anyone because no one listens to Dan Fogelberg (except probably Laura-whom-I-don’t-talk-to-anymore; hi Laura-if-you’re-reading-this! How’s lyfe and 15ness) – but honestly who can reject timeless classics like Same Old Lang Syne (of ex-lovers and the irreversibility of time) & Heart Hotels (something about emptiness… I don’t quite get it but it sounds… poignant), etc etc.


3 thoughts on “deviantMUSIC

  1. met my old lover in the grocery store
    the snow was falling christmas eve
    I stole behind her in the frozen fruits
    and I touched her on the sleeve

  2. I listen to Dan’s music ever single day and I never get tired of any of it!! Dan was so diverse and did so many genre of music–and did them all so well!! He was always given a bad rap for being only known as a soft balladeer, but he was so much more, but you have to take the time to listen to his other, not so popular songs to fully appreiciate this man’s musical genius!!!!!

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